Asian Squirrel Dojo

The Final Project of the 2. Semester

(Note: Rendered pictures are located below)

The task that was given to us required the design of the whole building, the
room and finally, the workstation – in the setting of a self created parallel world.

My teammate Phil and I created a parallel world that contained a social hierarchy system set in a fictive asia animal world, in which the squirrels were the top of the food chain. The asian squirrel culture was highly respective towards nature.

I obviously picked the workstation, since I always preferred to create a detail enchanted
perspective for the viewer at the end.

After that we had to make sure, that the style would be visible on all locations and objects.

And so, the composition needed the room to be filled with flowers and plants, so the
background wouldn’t just be an emtpy room to give an aura of emptiness and boredom.

Created with: 3Ds Max 2008
Textured with: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Rendered with: Mental Ray 3.6

View: Left Front


View: Right Front


View: Treeglobe


View: Left Side



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