The Final Project of the 5./6. Semester

(Note: Rendered pictures are located below)

“So what is ‘Lune’ ?”

A game has to be kept at game niveau, making it attractable to players.
But at the same time you deal with much more than a game…
High density atmosphere, the highest possible detail,
ultra-dynamic behaviour, unlimited tactical possibilities –
that and vastly more, kept at 3 player interactivity levels –
the casual, the intermediate and the hardcore.

Lune is a Next Generation title of the Tactical Simulation Genre.

The players meet a highly adaptive niveau of gameplay,
by easily and quickly customizing Interaction Models and Interfaces
to fit their demands. Any player will be able to learn the game in a
matter of 2 minutes. This way, no one is going to get left behind.

During the 6th final Semester I am working on a visualization
of a Cinematic Introduction for the game. It’s tasks are not
just basically to tell you a thrilling story, but to present the
Interfaces and their functionality in the Game with special scenes.

The Cinematic Introduction of Lune is a given beginning of a
story, but how exactly the story evolves while playing the game
is completely randomized, by random events that lead the story.
However, to give the players a bit of influence of how often events
occur, changes the point of view dramatically.

The Story can be read here

How affinity and deeds influence the storyline can be read here

These are the preview images from my working sessions:

Model Creation with:   Softimage 2011

Scene Rendering with:    Mental Ray 3.8

Interfaces:   Photoshop CS5

Post-FX with:   Softimage 2011, Sony Vegas 7.0e


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